Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ni Hao!!

Ni Hao (pronounced Knee How) means "Hello" in Chinese, for all you people out there where the closest you've been to a chinaman is Fong's Restaurant in Rexburg, Idaho. This is the first edition of our blog, yes we are finally giving in to peer pressure and creating a blog for your personal delight. The question now is...What do I say on this thing??

We'll start with the Patriarch of our Home, Mr. Justin. Justin is working hard at Fastenal. He's the General Manager and stinks like a goat when he walks through the door each night. He works at a store in the desert that doesn't have air conditioning!! Yes, he still continues to call people "Brother" and "Sister" even if they are not members of the church. I was recently informed that "Sister Kidman" had her baby with "Brother Urban." He's so spiritual...sigh.. We just celebrated Justin's Birthday on the 8th of August. He's 25 1/2....and so am I. (wink, wink)

Caiden is 19 months old and has developed his first crush. Who's the lucky lady? Ms. Cat Deeley, the host of "So you think you can Dance." Caiden stands right in front of the television whenever Cat is talking and will not be moved. Our Morning routine is as follows:

7:30 Rise and shine: Cade has breakfast and watches Elmo's World and then Curious George
8:30 We get ready and go to the gym
11:00 Lunch time: Cade's favorite is a Quesadilla
12:00 Daily PooPoo (He's very good about his schedule)
12:15 Nap

Can you imagine a more perfect child than that? I mean, Chinese food... He's fabulous!

Ok, now ME. I just finished Breaking Dawn, the fourth book of the Twilight series. Caiden and I hang out with a gal and her twins down stairs. I try to keep busy with church stuff and errands. When all else fails, there is always "I love Lucy' reruns that I haven't seen. My favorite episode is Veta-vita-vegamin.
Caiden on the 4th of July!