Friday, March 20, 2009

Wanna Bet???

Alright Ladies and Gents! Will you play a little game with me? I was wondering if any of you had any predictions as to when I am going to pop! Right now it feels like it's never going to happen! April 9th (my actual due date) feels so far away! So here's what you need to do: See if you can guess the day that little Miss Tessa Isabel will be born into the world! Whoever gets the closets to the actual date, without going over it (yes, some of the rules originated from the Price is Right), will win a prize! I will send the winner their favorite candy bar! (I thought about Rascal Flatts tickets, a free car, or a life size cardboard cutout of me with my huge belly as seen above in this post...but a candy bar sounds way better to a pregnant chick...) So, before you guess, here are the facts: Caiden was due the on the 12 of January, he came on the 4th. This baby is due on the 9th of April, but the doctor said that the way she measured, it could be more accurate to make her due on the 5th of April. One last rule is that you can't guess a date if someone else has already claimed it! Good Luck! (spouses may participate too!) If I were going to place my guess, it would look something like this:

Christy's Guess:
Favorite Candy Bar:

Good Luck!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So my mom has always played this "hiyah!" game with us since we were kids. If she was going to attack with a pillow, she would say "hiyah" before it hit us. Well, she taught Cade the phrase and he has gone to town with it. He will go grab a towel that I am going to grab and before he releases it to me there's a "Hiyah!" in there. If we have a pillow fight, many "Hiyah's" are said. Well, the other day, Caiden was in the corner of his room and I heard him saying "Hiyah" with a little more emotion and feeling. When I took a peek at what he was Karate chopping, I noticed he was bearing down and that his face was red... (yes, you are reading this correctly) apparently saying "Hiyah" helps Caden go pooh as well!

Now if you have noticed, I like having theme songs to match my blog. Unfortunately, the Diarrhea song is not offered on the website. So as you read this, you can just hum to yourself "when you're walking down the hall and you hear something fall, DIARRHEA! DIARRHEA! When you're sliding into first and you feel a big burst DIARRHEA, DIARRHEA!" (sorry, that's the only song about #2 that I know of). So you'll have to settle for Brad Paisley's "I'm still a guy."

(gross! Who puts stuff like this on their blog??)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Great

My Grandpa Hodge is a Great Grandpa Hodge almost 3 times now. He sent me an email telling me that such a title was much to long and confusing, so we should just call him "The Great." At first I thought he was joking, but he came down to California for a visit and tried to convince Caiden that "Great" was really his name.

I took this picture of them when they were walking through Ford Park on their way to the duck pond. I love it. My Grandpa together with my Son, separated by two generations.